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Offshore Consultation

Snippet Commerce 360°, a tech-savvy IT company, takes your online presence to new horizons with our offshore consulting expertise. We’re not just a name; we’re your digital compass, guiding you through uncharted waters to unlock untapped potential. Explore new dimensions with offshore consultation – the compass to your digital voyage.

Wherever you may be in this world, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations, and we are adept at effectively overcoming time zone challenges, ensuring that our deliveries reach your doorstep. We provide round-the-clock, 24/7 attention, ensuring a full 360-degree support and availability.

If you are looking for a third force to support your entity, you are in the right direction. outsourcing services require wise decision to ensure productivity for the firm, as per global outsourcing and Insourcing report of 2012 offshoring ensures cost effectiveness for same workforce if outsourced. We provide you best outsourcing services available in market regardless of language, community or cultural backgrounds or destination.








Cloud computing

Benefits of outsourcing are less incurred cost, global selection, implementation, security, accelerate time to market, take advantage of external expertise and assets. It outsourcing models can be classified according to type of work, time incurred and level of autonomy.

Outsourcing models:

Project Outsourcing Model

“How you kick off and wrap up a project really makes a difference.”

Our team manages the end-to-end process, lifting the burden from your shoulders. Experience a collaborative and flexible approach that leads to result-oriented outputs.

project outsourcing model (1)
workforce aumentation model-final (1)

Workforce Augmentation Model

Elevate your projects with our Workforce Augmentation Model—effortless talent acquisition, flexible engagement, and cost-effective solutions. Choose agility, meet deadlines, and achieve excellence.

Dedicated Team Model

Overlapping in development stage in workforce can cause many difficulties and major software development requires a dedicated team. We can provide project focused team for your outsourcing requirements overcoming barriers like location, language and time zones.

Dedicated Development center upgrade
Dedicated team Model upgrade

Dedicated Team Model

Our tailored approach offers a project-focused team, addressing challenges such as location, language, and time zones in your outsourcing needs. Experience efficiency without boundaries with our dedicated teams.

Solution for Ecommerce is an essential part when we go for online stores. Choosing the right platform ensures your business to reach its capability without compromising on its future endeavours.

E-commerce Development upgrade

Snippet Commerce 360° Adaptation

Businesses seeking to maintain a distinctive profile should choose Snippet Commerce 360° innovative approach. We craft a bespoke platform tailored to your unique needs and ensure its ongoing maintenance. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to transition the entire process to your team for independent operation, offering support whenever you require it. The hallmark of developing a platform from scratch with Snippet Commerce 360°° lies in evolution. This distinctive approach ensures customization without constraints, achieved through vigilant monitoring and seamless adaptation to new integrations. Our commitment to transparency extends even after you take full ownership.

Evolution is the key feature when developing a platform from scratch. It should be customized without constraints, and this can only be achieved through monitoring and adapting to new integrations. We maintain transparency even after you take full ownership.

Our Development Cycle:


Transitioning to a new platform involves seamlessly moving your existing data, settings, and functionalities. At Snippet Commerce 360°, our approach to selecting the right platform involves thorough research and high-level analysis. We prioritize platforms that not only meet your current needs but also align with your future requirements, seamlessly adapting to new technology stacks. Our ecommerce solutions are versatile, not bound to any specific platform. Based on your requirements, we recommend the most feasible platform for your business.